Rules and Regulations

Monuments, Markers & Burials

In addition to the Specific Guidelines and Rules & Regulations adopted 1/6/16 which govern maintenance and related operational issues, St. Patrick’s Cemetery has their own set of rules and regulations for memorials being placed on graves within the cemetery. These regulations stipulate among other things, the size and type of headstone that is permitted.

It is important to know these rules and regulations to ensure that your memorial is accepted by the cemetery. To assist in this process, the cemetery requires the prior written approval of any monument design before installation will be permitted.

Please allow fifteen (15) business days after submission of plans for approval. The cemetery reserves the right at its sole discretion to reject any submission it deems unsuitable.

Please advise your monument dealer of these requirements before ordering your monument. Your monument dealer is a trained professional and will be happy to assist you in understanding these regulations. If you are dealing with a reputable monument dealer, they will effectively assist you in complying with these requirements.

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