Rules and Regulations

Maintenance & Related Operational Issues

Specific Guidelines

All lots, plots, and graves in the Cemetery shall be used for no purpose other than as a place of burial for the dead, and all lots, plots and graves shall be subjected to the rules and regulations heretofore established or which may hereafter be established, whether or not the same appear in the rules and regulations annexed in the deeds of such lots, plots, or graves.

The Cemetery may at any time enter upon the lots or graves to keep the same neat, and clear of grass, weeds, wilted flowers and debris. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove any artifacts from the grave, i.e. artificial flowers, stuffed animals, ribbons, bows, dead plantings, etc. which are determined to be unsightly or present a detriment to the safety or natural beauty of the cemetery. The Cemetery reserves the right to use its sole discretion to make this determination.

  1. The purchaser of a plot does not acquire the property itself, but rather the "right of burial".
  2. No interment will be permitted or rights acquired by the purchaser until full payment has been received for the plot.
  3. The interment fee is separate and distinct from the purchase of the "right of burial". The interment fee must be paid in full prior to the interment.
  4. Grave spaces are to be used for the burial of human remains only. For additional information regarding number of burials per grave, please refer to our Monuments and Burials webpage.
  5. Assignment or transfer of any plot is subject to the guidelines of St. Patrick’s Cemetery. No burial space or interest therein will be transferred or assigned without the consent of St. Patrick’s Cemetery. A notarized statement indicating permission of the original purchaser and/or his/her heir(s) is required. A recording fee may be charged to provide this service.
  6. In the event of an error in an interment or other matter:
    1. If the Cemetery erred, it reserves the right to correct its error at its cost with no further liability to any other party.
    2. If the error resulted from the order or action of a funeral director, monument dealer, or other party, the cost of rectifying the error and all other liability will be that of the one who caused the error, with no liability upon the part of the Cemetery.
    3. If the lot holder was in error, he bears the full responsibility with no liability upon the part of the Cemetery.
    4. If another person orders an erroneous interment through error or deceit, he must bear full responsibility with no liability upon the part of the cemetery to verify the justification of the claims made.
  7. Under normal conditions, the cemetery is open every day from 8:00 am until dusk.

Rules and Regulations

This is a carry in, carry out cemetery. Please take your trash with you.

No breaking of sod, no planting of shrubs, trees or flowers is permitted. The Cemetery reserves the right at its sole discretion to remove shrubs, trees, or any other object that it determines to be unsightly or present a detriment to the safety or natural beauty of the cemetery.

No planting of any kind may be done in the ground at grave sites. One approved in-ground urn, vase, or nondestructive clay or plastic pot of flowers will be permitted on each grave during the mowing season (April through October). All flowers or decorations must be in an urn and urns must be in line with headstones. Size of urn shall not exceed 12" in height or 10" in diameter.

To protect both visitors and cemetery workers from injury during the use of heavy equipment, artificial flowers are not permitted in the cemetery during the mowing season (April through October), except in urns, etc. as provided above.

All pots & flowers that are wanted must be removed by Oct. 1st.

Winter decorations will be permitted after Dec. 1st and must be removed by April 1st.

Decorations mounted on upright supports that stand above the ground constructed on wire, wood or plastic, are not permitted during the mowing season (April through October).

Spring cleanup will be conducted ten (10) days before Good Friday. All decorations will be removed at that time for the mowing season.

Flowers, plants and decorations placed on graves during the mowing season of April through October will be removed weekly in order to carry out routine lawn care and maintenance.

No wooden articles - homemade or store bought; tin cans, cement or ceramic statues, glass containers, bricks, etc. are allowed in cemetery.

Decorations deemed unsightly or objectionable may be removed by the Cemetery at any time.

Flowers placed at the time of an interment will be left a minimum of three days. It is suggested that potted plants from funerals be removed immediately as they will be discarded. The Cemetery will not accept responsibility for ensuring that flowers and other decorations left, will remain in place.

Due to the potential hazards they may cause to workers and visitors, the following are not permitted: permanent placing of chairs or benches; toys, plastic, or metal designs, ornaments, pictures, shells, marble chips or decorative stones, gravel, settees, trellises, and/or similar articles.

Any plants, pots or flowers not allowed will be removed.

The American Flag

A family may choose to place a flag in an approved pot for the summer season as long as it is properly maintained. The Cemetery reserves the right to dispose of any flag in poor condition or that is not in an approved pot at times other than the designated holidays listed below.

American flags may be placed on Veterans graves 24 hours prior to and removed within 48 hours after the following designated holidays: Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4th, and Veterans Day.

Flag should be placed in an upright position one foot in front of and centered with the headstone. Shaft type veteran and fraternal organization flag holders are prohibited.

Revised 4/4/17