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All Saints Parish Genealogy Requests


Some St. Patrick's, St. John's and St. Mary's Lockport Catholic Church records are viewable On-line

It has come to our attention that a variety of Lockport, NY Catholic Church records including St Patrick's, St. John's and St Mary's are now available for viewing online. Please note these records were filmed by the Church of the Latter Day Saints in 1983. If the records you need are not available online, or you do not wish to go online to get these records, please see our Look Up form for assistance.

BEFORE YOU Fill this out, please know that the following records can be accessed ON-LINE via your personal computer- Go to

  • While this is a free website you must register, so either register or log-in
  • Click "Search" button on home page and then click "Catalog"
  • Once on "Catalog" page under "Search For" put in the one of the film numbers listed below
  • Click on the name of the record that shows up – for example "Church Records 1853-1917"
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find "Film and Digital Notes" – For example -it looks like this:
  • Click the button under "Format" that looks like a camera. The images should come up for viewing.

Please note that many of these records are in Latin. There are any number of online resources to help with the translation - try searching "Translating Latin Catholic Church records"

Film # 1378572 – 775 images

St John's baptisms 1853- Oct. 31, 1863; St Pats-St Johns baptisms merged Nov 1, 1863-1864; St Patrick's only 1865-1917 Images 5-360
St Patrick's confirmations 1868-1916; images 361-434
St Patrick's marriages 1873-1917; images 434-559
St John's deaths 1860- 31 Oct 1863; St Patrick's/St John deaths (merged parish) 1 Nov 1863-1864; St Patrick's only 1864-1917; images 560-775

Film # 1324469

St Mary's Lockport Baptisms 1853-1917
St Mary's Lockport Confirmation 1860-1917

Film # 1324470

St John's Baptism index (by date of baptism) in English 1842-1917
St John's Baptism actual 1842-1855, 1864-1914
St John's confirmations 1869-1917
St John's Death 1865-1917
St John's Marriages 1865-1917

If you do not see the record(s) you need above, or you do not wish to do this yourself, please continue with your request below.

Please write to All Saints Parish at St. Patrick's Church, 76 Church St, Lockport, New York 14094; ATT: Parish Record Look Up Program or email our printer-friendly form to The below information is mandatory*

Genealogy Look Up Program

St. Patrick's Church, 76 Church Street in Lockport, NY was the site of St. Patrick's Parish from 1863-2008. Now called All Saints Parish, the new parish merged the following Lockport, NY Catholic Parishes: St Patrick's, St. Mary's (Walnut St), St. Anthony's (Bristol St.) and St. Joseph's (Market St.). The Look Up form allows you to request transcriptions of:

  • Baptismal
  • Birth
  • Death
  • First Communion
  • Confirmation
  • Marriage
  • Some cemetery records

from All Saints Parish and all the former parishes for GENEALOGICAL PURPOSES ONLY.

Using the Look Up form, each inquiry can be submitted through our online form or mailed using our printer-friendly form to: All Saints Parish,
c/o Shelley Richards, 76 Church St, Lockport NY 14094. Responses will include a transcript of either the record found or notification that the item was not found.

The 20 minute Look - up program is $7 for parishioners of All Saints and $12 for non-parishioners! Directions are on the form.