In the year 1864, Father O'Farrell purchased the initial land for St. Patrick’s Cemetery.

On April 5, 1866, the cemetery was consecrated by Father Michael O'Brien.

In January and February 1871, two parcels comprising over 7.5 acres were purchased and in August 1873 an additional parcel of three acres was acquired. These parcels were later consecrated by Bishop Ryan on July 5, 1874.

While the cemetery was owned by St. Patrick's Parish, an agreement was made with St. John‘s for the burial of its parishioners as well.

Over the years more land was acquired as it became available.

Today the cemetery is situated on approximately (17.5) acres of land with over 11,000 burials having taken place over the years.

On May 30, 2016, at the Memorial Day Mass held at the cemetery, the newest expansion of (½) acre was consecrated by Father Walter Szczesny.

With the completion of this expansion, 500+ graves will be ready for sale the summer of 2017.

At present the Cemetery Committee is looking at additional expansion options including construction of a columbarium, as well as the feasibility of a pet cemetery.