Frequently asked questions

What size are the graves?

Each grave is 3'-6" x 11'-0"

How many burials are permitted in each grave?

Each grave is permitted one full body burial (interment) and one burial of cremated ashes (cremains). Each grave is also permitted three cremains provided there are no other interments.

What is the cost of a grave?

The cost of each grave is set out in the Purchase Agreement. Graves have been planned by a landscape architect and are intended to be sold in sets of two or three. Prices do not include grave opening/closing, a concrete vault for interments (required), a concrete foundation for slant and upright monuments (required except for flat grass markers) or, the cost of the monument/marker.

What is the cost of a typical burial?

The cost of a full body burial is $850 for service Monday – Friday before 3:00 pm. After 3:00 pm and on Saturdays the cost is $1,075. The cost of burial of cremated ashes is $400 for service Monday – Friday before 3:00 pm. After 3:00 pm and on Saturdays the cost is $625. No Sunday burial service is available. There is a charge for each set of remains buried. For example, to open a grave once and bury a full body casket and cremated remains at the same time, charges would start at $1,250 for weekday service. Prices do not include cost of tent, matting or other related items if desired.

What type of monument/marker is permitted?

Subject to the exact location of the grave within the cemetery, permitted monuments/markers are: slant and upright monuments and flat grass markers. Please make sure which type of monument/marker is permitted in the exact section/lot, space and grave number of your loved one to be sure it meets the permitted type.

Material permitted for: Slant and upright monuments:


Material permitted for flat grass markers:

granite or bronze.

What is the size requirement for a cemetery marker or monument?

Type Flat Grass Slant Upright (max. 8”raised base)
Single 24" x 12" x 4" 24" -----
Double 36" x 12" x 4" 36" 36" x 12" x 24" (6" – 8" thick)
Triple 42" x 12" x 4" 36" or 42" 36" x 12" x 24" (6" – 8" thick)

Are there any restrictions pertaining to the color of granite or bronze?

The preferred granite colors are gray and rose. Should you prefer another color, please consult cemetery committee.

Are there any paperwork or authorization forms required?

The cemetery requires that plans for all monuments be submitted for approval. Once the plans are submitted the cemetery has fifteen work days to approve the plans which should include details of concrete foundation if required, size of monument, material type and color, lettering & sizing, borders, etc. It is very common for a cemetery to require that an outside marker authorization form be completed by the next of kin or the plot owner before your marker is installed. In most cases this form will require specific information pertaining to the monument and the monument dealer you purchased your head stone from. Your monument dealer should be able to help you fill out any forms needed. Some cemeteries will not accept your marker without a copy of the authorization form. Be sure to give a completed copy to your monument provider to ensure the cemetery accepts your stone.

Are there any fees to install the tombstone on the grave?

Please contact your monument dealer. They should be able to assist you in arranging for the installation of your monument and with any charges that may be involved. Please note that the cemetery requires that a current certificate of insurance, in limits acceptable to its insurance carrier, be on file at the Parish office prior to doing any work at the cemetery. Please call the office prior to delivery of your monument.

Which side should the names be on if placing a companion memorial?

A companion memorial is used when burying two people and placing a tomb stone over two graves (side by side). It is customary to put the husband’s name on the left and the wife’s name on the right side. If your plot is not for a married couple, it is common to place the name of the person buried first on the left side, leaving the right side available for the second inscription at a later time if necessary.

Are there any other special rules for the cemetery?

Please ask for a copy of: Rules and Regulations: Maintenance & Related Operational Issues (adopted 1/6/16)

Be Informed

You have the right as a consumer to purchase your memorial from any monument provider you choose. By working directly with your memorial provider you can ensure that you are meeting all of the cemetery’s guidelines while ordering the perfect memorial for your loved one.

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